Sun in Virgo ☀️♍️- 23 August to 22 September @11:31 pm – Australia AEST

Welcome the Sun☀️ in Virgo ♍️ that gives shape to the flames of our heart!

♍️Virgo is the adaptable – earthy energy that takes the inspiration to create wonderful forms like the craftsman who makes porcelain… the tailor who makes clothing… the florist who arranges a bunch of flowers or the Amber – gemstone – which is formed by the earth through the fossilization of tree resin… © Cecilia Lugo

♍️Virgo is associated with the mentor that guides a beginner in any field to get the daily work done. But also Virgo is the healthy routines that make our body to keep working well… It is the energy that needs to detox and declutter to open the arms to the abundance!

The sun started its trip through the sign of Virgo today 23 August 2020 at 2:00 am under the crescent Moon in Libra that with her soften energy makes us to feel in peace. The Sun will stay in this practical sign until 22 September 2020 at 11:31 pm AEST

The key word is: Service = works like a little ant having all done without complaint affection, joy, pity and sadness

© Cecilia Lugo

An example of a Sun☀️ & Mercury ✍️in Virgo♍️ + Libra Moon🌙♎️ is Tom Hardy – a great actor who was born on 15 Sept 1977 in London, UK (even though I don’t have his time of birth, the moon was in Libra all day).

Inspire yourself with one of his quotes:

“There’s always a certain pride in getting the job done properly.“

Tom Hardy

To take this opportunity to shape something beautiful, useful that improves our lives including and also start a healthy routine that combines with nurturing ourselves!


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