Sun in Libra marks Spring Equinox inviting us to spread the love – Australia!!!

In Australia the Spring starts formally with the change of the Sun to the harmonious sign of Libra.

Early this morning, September 23, 2017 at 6:03 am the Sun changed  to the sign of Libra under the young Moon of Scorpio that is showing a beautiful smile in our sky indicating the importance of nourishing our emotions connecting us with our passions and creating strong bonds being honest with the beings that are important for us. The Sun in Libra marks the Equinox!!! The Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere of our planet. In Australia under the beautiful energy of Spring we must focus our attention to find the balance between the time that we dedicate ourselves and that we offer to our relationships … The Universe points us to the importance of working shoulder to shoulder to achieve a common end; be fair in our negotiations; relate equitably; to love our home by making aesthetic touches and to spread the love around us.

It is a moment of the year that emphasises the key words of this romantic and idealistic Libra sign: “I BALANCE”. Level up and harmonize! I take the opportunity to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL PEOPLE BORN UNDER THE SUN IN LIBRA. Please write your birthday if you were born between Sep 23 and Oct 23 to pamper you with a nice happy birthday!!!

Venus is the planet associated with beauty and love and is the ruler of the sign of Libra. VENUS has just started its journey through the sign of Virgo (I wrote about Venus in Virgo yesterday – check the post if you haven’t see it) pointing out the importance of creating daily routines to balance our health and our work.

Venus is in Virgo from September 20 to October 14, 2017.

Have you noticed the beautiful Venus that is associated with beauty,

love and finances is shining before dawn?

Venus in Virgo works as a craftswoman in love seeking to perfect your relationship!Venus will be seducing her beloved Mars until they unite on October 6, 2017 at 19 degrees Virgo.

What does the Universe tell us with this beautiful union?

For me it suggests that we need to work with our relationships practicing mutual support to improve them. But also that we should act more and speak less; as well as we need to be clear about what we want so we can channel directly our energy efficiently balancing our reality with our dreams.  However, in this process we must avoid criticism which is one of the weaknesses of the sign of Virgo: to seek perfection.

If you are single…even though our standards are high with Venus and Mars together Mr. Right can arrive and might tick all the points of our check list. I was born with Venus in Virgo and Moon is Capricorn and my Alex arrived!!! I saw all his great potential hah hah…But it is true. Enjoy the next 3 weeks with Venus dancing with Mars.

Have a lovely Spring Season!!! Cecilia

The Emotional Moon


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