Sun & Mercury conjunct in Pisces under the Moon in Cancer

“”The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the object it loves. C.G Jung

Today Emotions flow with Motivation and thoughts… Sun and Mercury in union under the Moon in Cancer! We need to channel the sensitivity with an unconscious pattern inherent that may come up today…The Moon in Cancer is at her home acting naturally; the Moon combines Water’s fluidity with Cardinal drive offering direction to the movement of the adaptable Vast Ocean sea ruled by Neptune – sign of Pisces – sign where the Sun Meets Mercury today.

We need to embrace ambiguity connecting with something …A good way to channel this combination is spending at least 2 hours Cooking for ourselves as it is one of the greatest acts of self-nurturance that can be very creative to tune in with the moon in Cancer…  In the image is my creative cooking last night!!! Arepas -Venezuelan bread made with corn flower –  that brings memories of happiness, taking advantage of Venus in Rx (Retrograde).

On March 25 Venus disappears from our sky to get transformed and the reappears as Venus Morning Star. Join me to travel with Venus “Highlighting Self-worth with Venus and Mercury”, 4 hours of learning in a cosy group to return to love yourself!!!?Travel with Venus through the Zodiac.?We will analyse some celebrities with Venus in Aries ? Get your Personal message from your birth chart of what Venus asks to you to re-evaluate this time.

Interested? Send me an email to and enroll in the following link

When: March 25, 2017 from 9.15 am to 1 pm

Awareness Institute 1/20 Clarke St, Crows Nest, Sydney

Have a creative day!!! Spread the love


© Cecilia Lugo-Anderson




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