Sun & Moon in Aries

The Sun is shining like a diamond on my balcony this morning… it is kissing Venus at the moment…I felt it… for us to Love ourselves doing something special we like to do… a day to bake your favourite cake… Have a manicure or pedicure spa or a bath with petals of roses, or go to see a nice movie…

I want to say thank you to the girls who came yesterday to our intimate workshop with Venus and the current planetary energies to Establish a STRONG EGO through consciousness of their natal energies. I felt that everyone that was with me yesterday had a strong reason to be there, with feelings offering support to each other. I don’t have more words to say thank you and I am looking forward to seeing you on May 21, 2017.

For the ones who are working with “I LOVE MYSELF” …we may experience losing some people around us who are not in tune with us… but we will attract the people who really love us, and love us for who we are. Don’t feel afraid…by clearing away some of the dust around us it will make us feel happier, bring security and create more mutual respect over the longer term.

Here are the details for my next workshop to save the date Sunday May 21, 2017 @ 9:30 am about Relationships…/

Have a beautiful day
© Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

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