Sun in Taurus and Pluto stations retrograde to contemplate our inner self …

April 20, 2017 is a Powerful Day – Under the Rebellious Moon in Aquarius that invites us to nurture our uniqueness… The Sun Moves to Taurus♉️, an energy that represents tenacity, patience and integrity with deep emotion. Taurus♉️ symbolises the care of values, principles, financial resources and material security. KEY WORD: “I Have”.
But also Pluto, the planet associated with transformation facing the naked truth, invites us to fall into our deepest being to dig and direct what our soul wants to be.
• The Sun offers us a month (from April 20 to May 21 2017) to be in contact with our senses… to cultivate patience and appreciate what we have… and
• Pluto gets closer to Earth and stations Retrograde @ 10:48pm until Septembe29, 2017 for us to recover our own power by standing up with our integrity. Pluto is a slow planet so this is an ongoing process … but every day counts in our journey. Pluto will go back from 19 – 16 degrees of Capricorn.
The universe is talking to us inviting us to contemplate our inner self … like Johnny Deep would say ?“You can close your eyes to the things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel”?
Enjoy the day…a day to think things through…it’s a powerful day to align with the energies of the Universe with its cycles… and celebrate the Sun travelling one the homes of Venus in Astrology (Taurus sign) !!!
Happy Solar Return☀ to all our good friends who were born with this tenacious Sun inspiring our lives to be grounded!!!  Who are your favourite Taurus people? Audrey Hepburn?, Al Pacino?, George Clooney? Adele???? 
©Cecilia Lugo-Anderson
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