Sun & Uranus annual meeting to make our own personal revolution!!!

We need to control our “short fuse” today when we try to finish work quickly before we head off to Easter… In Spanish we have an excellent expression to say that when we are in a hurry: “Vísteme despacio, que tengo prisa” (Dress me slowly because I’m in a hurry).  We need to slow down or we will make a lot of mistakes due to the anxiety we are having to do it quickly.

Our emotions are highly intuitive with the Moon in Scorpio getting a smile from the transformer Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) and the Sun is heading to meet Rebellious Uranus tomorrow. The Sun in Aries with Uranus encourages us to make our personal revolution…

We can come up with an insight today – bring something from the back of our head (unconscious) alive (conscious).  As Carl G. Jung would say perfectly “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Remember our feelings have being under Venus close to earth for almost 40 days… Recently Venus met the Sun in Aries (25 March) and now is getting in contact with healer Chiron in Pisces before it goes direct in just two days (April 15 @8:15 pm)

Mercury is also close to Earth in Taurus (home of Venus) inviting us to slow down our busy life to digest ideas and associate the pieces of a big puzzle.

It takes time to build it and when you have all the easy parts together because the colours match we need to start to make sense with the difficult ones… Here is when Sun and Uranus together will help us get the insight!!! OPEN YOUR EYES… BE ALERT… SLOW DOWN and TAKE THE TIME TO SEE WHAT IS ON THE POINT OF YOUR NOSE!!!

Have a beautiful time off. I will be around and if you have a chance post something that inspires you to inspire us… Tomorrow I will talk about Venus and Chiron hand in hand in our Universe for us to heal a love wound.

Have a beautiful time off.
© Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

Here I leave with you the link for this workshop that I am preparing to be held on May 21, 2017 about relationships from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm at Awareness Institute in Sydney.…/


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