Uranus in Taurus Creation and Destruction… with the hope we are able to overcome anger to love more!

I woke up this morning and I am reading the news:  Headlines about the wedding relate to the archetypes of Uranus and its movement to Taurus – a sign ruled by Venus: Love, Beauty and Money

  • A most UNUSUAL (Uranus signature) wedding sealed with a KISS (a Venus signature)
  • Meghan nails it with Givenchy gown -the bride wore an elegant AESTHETIC IMPECCABLE TAILORED AND RELAXED DRESS= Cloth and beauty are signature of Venus.
  • American bishop steals the show with ECCENTRIC speech
  • All the GLITZ and GLAMOUR = Venus again
  • And… their big day event was grand and likely came with a BIG PRICE TAG = money expenses and trade are signature Venus.

The headlines of the wedding as you just read them seem to be written by an astrologer (maybe they were…haha!)… Uranus in Taurus will bring change to banking and the economy, values, ways of earning money, fashion, clothes, food and agriculture and all the beautiful things associated with the sign of Taurus! Unfortunately we will need to deal with the challenge between now and August between Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus that bring flames of anger (I am so sorry for the lives lost recently by anger) and Volcano Kilauea with fast-moving lava isolating homes…

Creation and Destruction… with the hope we are able to overcome anger to love more!

I felt the good side of the change last night when a saw the clever way to sell London – I think Tourism will increase for the Britain! The Monarch showed they have moved with the change merging with culture and be beyond race and religion.

The Wedding was well selected time at 12:00 pm with the Sun in the Midheaven and the first planet to Ascend is Jupiter bringing Luck and Abundance. But the best is the Moon in Cancer and Venus at the last degree of Gemini in the house of goals and objectives!!! The public will love them!!! She is a Leo Girl and Moon in Libra: she looks stunning! Prince Harry is a Virgo with Moon in Taurus and his Venus in Libra definitively fell in love with this gorgeous girl!

Both Moons are ruled by Venus and both will be looking for the beauty of relating searching for peace! Found so empowering how the Bishop Michael Curry spoke at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding talking about the power of love… When someone cares and Loves… Heals and nothing else can do it…  Making feeling that something is right. We are here to love. Love is the source of life.  Enjoy the ride!!! Cecilia

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