Venus in Cancer invites us to cuddle in August 2017

Venus is in Cancer inviting us to cuddle and warm our home with decoration that brings lovely memories… irreplaceable Treasures like in this picture, the first 2 post cards my husband sent to me from when we were dating (Mars and Venus painted by Botticelli), the first painting from my eldest in primary, the Greek jug that my youngest gave me as a gift from a trip that I could not go with him on , the astrology table cloth, photos and things that touched my heart making me feel loved… and why do I speak in the past tense? Because Cancer sign transports us to the past with memories… there is a nostalgic flavour… the baked bread or food we loved from Nana. But overall Venus in Cancer invites us to hug and have a sweet cookie to feed our souls.

Today August 4, 2017 at 10: 37 the Moon will change to Capricorn and will be in front of Venus in Cancer asking us for balancing this polarity. We need to negotiate time for working hard and for kisses and hugs. Perfect Friday! Work hard from 10:37 to 5:30 pm and then go home to bake and spoil your family or a good friend with what that your heart feels!!

Venus in cancer for each sign:

?Ascendant Aries or Aries: Spoil your family and Home
?Ascendant Taurus or Taurus: Decorate your bedroom, improve communication with loved ones specially people you get in contact everyday + your brothers and sisters.
?Ascendant Gemini or Gemini: Take care of your body and your Finances
?Ascendant Cancer or Cancer: Reinvent your look – wardrobe, Make-up & hair style (before Mercury turns Rx
?Ascendant Leo or Leo: Cuddle your dreams
?Ascendant Virgo or Virgo: Decorate your patio or balcony to invite your friends to come over
?Ascendant Libra or Libra: Time to boost your career balancing your time to cuddle your family
?Ascendant Scorpio or Scorpio: Cuddle a good book or take time off travelling.
?Ascendant Sagittarius or Sagittarius: Get your Romantic Lace doll Lingerie
?Ascendant Capricorn or Capricorn: Sidle up to your partner cuddle him/ her
?Ascendant Aquarius or Aquarius: Decorate your desk and make your work environment a comfortable place.
?Ascendant Pisces or Pisces: Unleash your creativity

Have a beautiful weekend

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August 2017

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