Venus in harmony with Jupiter is challenging Neptune + Mutual Reception: Venus in Sagittarius & Jupiter in Libra

With the Sun and Mercury getting closer in Scorpio and cheerful Venus in Sagittarius getting beautiful vibes from Jupiter in Libra but also challenged by the planet of dreams ‘Neptune’ in Pisces:

We could create castles in the air…. BUT if we moderate ourselves we can get the benefits of the harmonious relationship between Jupiter & Venus.

In Astrology there is “Mutual Reception” when 2 planets are supporting each other and we have a sweet combination in our sky

******Venus is in the sign ruled by Jupiter (Sagittarius) and Jupiter is in the terrain of Venus (Libra) ***** we can unleash our creativity to attract what we desire… but we need to focus!

///“To know your ruling passion; examine your castles in the air.”/// Richard Whately

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