Neptune – Venus bring great Sunday Vibes November 20, 2016

Creativity inspired by dreams while our emotions brushstroke our thoughts… is the energy of today November 20, 2016.

In our sky today at 3:38 pm -Neptune, the Planet of dreams and fantasy turns direct in contact with the South Node of the Moon – we know something unconsciously that we can reveal to heal… Liberate… Reset… and both are in soft harmony with Venus in Capricorn!!! Venus representing our feelings can ground our dreams … Our loving Moon in Leo harmonises with Mercury in Sagittarius bringing positive thoughts in our heart to be able to create…

In the evening we can play and have fun with the energy of Romance that the Moon in Leo radiates smiling to the planet of expansion Jupiter in Libra!!! Plan something nice for this evening and enjoy a creative day floating in Neptune’s water or dreaming between clouds listening to your inner voice !!!

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