Venus Neptune water harmony in our sky inviting our imagination to create

Weekend August 11 – 13 offers a a surrealist sky with the goddess of love Venus getting support from the planet associated with fantasy and imagination, Neptune.  With Moon in Pisces half of the day, after 3:22pm the Courageous Moon in Aries will come injecting us with adrenaline to stand up and make our evening an exciting FRIDAY NIGHT!!! But before going for dancing & a hyper energetic night, we should back up our computer, back up pictures from our telephone and leave our desk super organised to be ready for next week with Mercury in Retrograde on Sunday Aug 13, 2017.

Venus-Neptune making aspects in the birth chart indicate potential to create art!!! So let’s take advantage of the morning to create something (it can be something fun) for this evening and then enjoy it tonight.

But also this conversation in our sky softens our heart, feeling compassion for anyone who suffers or needs our help. Love with tenderness is highlighted also with the Moon in Pisces…

Here I leave you with one of my favourite surrealist pictures from René Magritte (Nov 21, 1898 – Belgium) – who was born with Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Pisces + Venus in Sagittarius forming an opposition with Neptune in Gemini…  I love his art. His painting is The Lovers – clarity and simplicity, but provoking thought was one of his art techniques… In this picture I can imagine the kiss between the lovers behind the veil… even though they are covered, we can see behind it … it unsettles our imagination with unsettling thoughts.

Remember to get your Workbook –?Journaling ideas for Mercury Retrograde. It starts this Sunday August 13, 2017 – the best way to connect with your dreams and hidden messages from your daily interactions to tune in with your own rhythm.   To purchase it

Mini Diary to Journal Ideas

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