Venus Retrograde in Scorpio to find the Lost Passion!!!

Hello, ♀️Venus stopped retrograde yesterday at 5:05 am local time Sydney @ 10 degrees 50 min of Scorpio

To reconnect with our passion to create!!! To Re-Visit places where we can hear our own voice & inner source of inspiration
To Express our deep feelings and to do what we love
To Merge with our relationships and to Love

I love to read

Yesterday I went to grab one of the books I want to read “Jung’s studies in Astrology” Prophecy, Magic and the Qualities of Time by Liz Greene. Interestingly these themes all relate to Scorpio.

Guess what? I opened a page randomly to get a message and I read this section: “The personal daimon” in Jewish Christian and Islamic adaptions, eventually merged into the guardian angel”.
Word angel = Angelos in Greek that means messenger… Jung used messenger in Liber Novus to describe such a being: “We need magic to be able to receive or invoke the messenger and the communication of the incompressible”. Carl Jung.

We have 40 days to take quality time to forgive ourselves and others to heal ourselves, to merge with our relationships and to make firm steps working with SELF-LOVE & SELF-VALUE.
Venus goes direct on 16 November @ 25 degrees of Libra 

Important dates during Venus in Retrograde in Scorpio – taken from Zodiac Inspirations Moon Calendar 2018:


  • Tuesday 9Oct18 – New Moon in Libra close to Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) bringing transformative Energy for self-care.
  • Thursday 11Oct18 – Venus Rx in Scorpio challenges Mars in Aquarius to apply our uniqueness to our creativity.
  • Tuesday 16Oct18 – Venus Rx meets Mercury @ 9 degrees of Scorpio.
  • Tuesday 23Oct18 – Sun Moves to Scorpio to Kiss Venus Rx.
  • Thursday 25Oct18 – Full Moon @ 1 degree of Taurus illuminating our need to make a change.
  • Saturday 27Oct18 – Venus gives a kiss to the sun close to earth (Retrograde) telling us “Once we accept our limits, we move beyond them”. A Einstein


Thursday 1Nov18  – Venus Rx moves revisits Libra inviting us to sit with people we love and talk…

Monday 5Nov18 – Sun Flows with Neptune inspiring ourselves

Thursday 8Nov18 – Jupiter arrives to his sun after long 12 years awaking our hopes

Saturday 10Nov18 – Venus Rx in Libra flows with Mars in Aquarius inviting us to incorporate cooperation to our relationships.

Friday 16Nov18 – Venus stops direct at 25 degrees of Libra for us to unleash what we have created and share it to others!!!

Have a lovely time and I wish that nothing defeats you . Much Love

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