Venus Retrograde Journal

Venus appears to move backwards in the sky. Every 1 ½ years. She disappears from the eyesight while she is in the heart of the Sun – Kisses the Sun – and becomes the Morning Star.  In July 2023 Venus kisses the Sun – this a close Kiss – Venus Retrograde offers a potential time for better Self-Understanding. This Journal is designed for you to Re-Evaluate on every level anything Venusian: a relationship, a job, material possessions or anything you Value that gives you pleasure.

Venus – Sun Kiss close to Earth is a time to strengthen our ego practicing Self Love.
Cost Australian Dollars $35.00 plus AUD$10.00 delivery within Australia only. Total: $45.00

Digital version is available accompanied by a one-on-one Zoom session to talk about Venus in your Birth Chart $60.00 Send me an email to organise appointment
In 2023 Venus Retrograde occurs in in Leo in the 3rd week of July 2023 and the retrograde period is for about 40 days. Pre-order your journal by email to connect to your feelings and values

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