Venus Retrograde March 4 – April 15, 2017

The Moon has changed to Taurusone of the lands ruled by Venus. Here the Moon is happy and comfortable offering us a more stable mood to tune in with the rhythms of nature… Under these energies Venus will station retrograde 13 degrees Aries 8 mins. Tomorrow Saturday March 4, 2017 Venus starts its Retrograde period until April 15 when Venus stations direct 26 degrees Pisces 54 mins. It is a period of reevaluation of our personal values getting in contact with our heart. It is time to check on the way we like to give and receive love & beauty and hold relationships!!!

Wherever Venus retrogrades in your chart brings a message + your Venus also tells you a lot of what you enjoy in life! We have ahead 6 weeks to reconnect with things we like, our pleasures, and things we value… Just as we do with Mercury in Retrograde, with Venus in Retrograde we should have a diary to write down what re-emerges in our lives… write down our worries us as well as our desires…a good time to call and see old friends, check your wardrobe, visit art galleries, all the Venusian things that bring pleasure to our life!  Have an icecream…

If you live in Sydney and you would like to know more about Venus and its retrograde period in Aries and few days in Pisces. On March 25 Venus disappears from our sky to get transformed and the reappears as Venus Morning Star. Join me to travel with Venus “Highlighting Self-worth with Venus and Mercury”, 4 hours of learning in a cosy group to return to love yourself!!!

We will analyse some celebrities with Venus in Aries + a Personal message from your birth chart of what Venus asks to you to re-evaluate this time. For more information send me an email to or visit the link

Have a lovely weekend!

© Cecilia Lugo-Anderson


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