Venus Sun kiss to become Venus Evening Star

The Sun is ending its trip through libra… The Sun in Libra is travelling the last degrees of Libra and Venus is hanging out with the Sun to kiss him on 23 of October 2022 at 29 degrees of Libra!!

Venus will become the diamond of the night for the love to shine within.

Venus passes between the Sun & the Earth 5 times every 8 years forming a 5 star pointed star in the sky = SACRED GEOMETRY. Back in January 2022, Venus was close to Earth (Retrograde) and kissed the Sun in Capricorn (inferior conjunction). Now Venus is kissing the Sun in Libra (Superior Conjunction).

The cycle move backward over the course of  104 years, shifting into the previous sign. There are 13 stations / conjunctions at 8 years intervals in each of the signs during which time 104 years. This is the beginning of a new chapter… for our times.

Venus-Sun Kiss combines Love and Light!

Let’s embrace the sparkling light that fills Earth

“Thank you” to everyone who made my special week so beautiful and for all your birthday wishes.

The beautiful pink petals of my David Austin roses are flying away with the breeze of this quiet morning in front of my window … making me feel at peace! 

We all should organise to do something special!!

But also make time to release what we could not achieve during Libra Season and then embrace love within 

The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.” -Anon

On 23 Oct 2022, after Venus-Sun superior conjunction – for me Venus Sun Kiss – the Moon changes to Libra at 1:23 pm, Saturn turns direct in the afternoon and the Sun and Venus move to Scorpio in the evening – Venus moves to Scorpio at 6:52 pm and then the Sun at 9:36 pm.

On Tuesday, 25 Oct 2022 we have a new Moon Eclipse in Scorpio, keep in touch for more insights to come.  

Note:  I’m writing the November 2022 Astro Guide by Zodiac Inspirations Australia.  Here is the link to order yours.

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