Virgo Full Moon – 10 Mar 2020 @ 4:47 a m

“What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful.” – Scott Westerfeld

The Moon raised tonight at 7:22 pm and it is almost full! The Moon will project the full light of the sun at 20 Deg of Virgo opposing the Sun at 20 Deg of Pisces activating the polarity between these 2 sighs (Virgo /Pisces)

VIRGO Analytical ♍️Focus in Details ♍️ Organised ♍️ Worried ♍️ Helpful

PISCES Intuitive ♓️ Focus in the whole picture ♓️Chaotic♓️ Flowing ♓️Compassionate

Time to clean the vibes and think positive balancing both energies! Connecting to our intuition we should hold our mind steady to be practical and set up new routines that we need to improve ourselves.

I want to share something: My eldest son was born 1 day before the Full Moon and he is one of my teachers in this life. He inspires me with his mind… He sent to me a video making his exercises (New Regime) and sent me a photo with the food he is preparing for himself every night!

That is the energy of the Moon in Virgo message:SET UP HEALTHY ROUTINES under our beautiful light from within!!·

*Clean your home deeply often making your space welcome to create and have fresh ideas.·

*Light up incense in each corner of your home to clean with fire energy your ambience!·

*When you have your shower every morning visualise your day· Write down your ideas – Mercury will stop direct tomorrow too and we will be able to connect ideas that emerge while Mercury was retrograde in Pisces.

* Every time you open a door this month say to yourself: I open my path to push through to get what I want!

The picture was taking before it started to rain! Love the rain under the Energies of the Moon in Virgo opposing the Sun in Pisces allowing us to clean our wounds from the past!! Be present and have faith for the things that you can change and the once you cannot.Blessings to all!!





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