Virgo Full Moon to make our dreams come true

20 Feb 2019

The Sun began its journey on February 19, 2019, through the selfless Pisces and, at 2:53 am will face his loving Moon in Virgo to invite us to feel that everything is possible if we have faith.

The astrological figure for pisces is a twin fish swimming in opposite directions but are attached by a cord. . The two fish represent according to Greco-Roman Mythology Venus / Aphrodite (Goddess of Love) and his son, Cupid / Eros (Love) who became a fish to escape the fearsome monster Typhon who was one of the powerful opponents of Zeus.

Virgo symbolize Innocence and Purity. Represented by the virgin goddess of justice, innocence, purity and precision. In the older pictures of the virgin, she had an ear of horn in one hand and a child on her lap indicating fertility and the work necessary to produce them.

So, this polarity tells us: have faith on your dreams but work on them too to make them happen.

Today we had Mercury talking to Neptune inviting us to find time to connect our soul and our mind to dream…

Now the Moon will invite us to manifest our dreams but also to give ourselves quality time to improve our days doing something we love to do.

Happy Virgo Full Moon ♍️?
Much Love Cecilia 

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