Virgo New Moon 🌑♍️

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” 

Leo Tolstoy – Sun & Moon in Virgo.
New Moon in Virgo

17th September 2020 at 9:00pm– The New Moon in Virgo Invites us to tailor our habits to adjust to our reality and balancing our well-being and our daily routines.

This New Moon occurs under Venus challenging Uranus = we need to leave space for disruptions.Yesterday I had plan many things… I woke up from a dream that changed my mood and my plans for the day changed. I liked what I had to do but I had other plans… What I meant is we need to leave our diary with some space, so our routines needs some flexibility and optional options if things change during the month.

Venus challenge Uranus

Mercury, the ruler or boss of Virgo, and Mercury is in Libra challenging Jupiter in Capricorn = don’t overwhelmed your mind with many things to do… Remember Mars is Retrograde and we need to go gentle!

Ask yourself: What part of our lives needs some adjustments? Is a good time to start planting your intentions.

Find Balance asking yourself questions

Saturn supports the Moon so discipline helps us to achieve our intentions!

Under the Virgo New Moon🌑♍️ we have an excellent opportunity to plant intentions to improve a skill, improve our health including our mind, body and inner world!

Lastly, balance our lives creating healthy habits and daily routines. It is like when we have fresh water with lime and mint when you are thirsty!!! The body feels nurtured, know what I mean? Well we not only need to refresh our lives with fresh water but also we need to feed our lives with positive thoughts and our inner world.

Zodiac Inspirations Australia

Blessings under New Moon in Virgo to craft the balance you need at the moment!!! 🌑♍️Much Love Cecilia

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