Welcome July 2019

July is a month of observation and organisation with 2 eclipses and Mercury Retrograde. 

Go Gentle and Nurture your needs

Starts with the balsamic Moon in Gemini until Tuesday at 11:23 am

when changes to Cancer to meet the Sun close to the nodes on early morning
of 3 July 2019 and therefore we will have an Eclipse – Solar or New Moon
eclipse that will emphasise anything that we have not taken care for a while,
it may be related with our needs, home, family as this eclipse occurs in

Make sure that you look to the sky in the morning of
tomorrow 1st  of July and see
the beautiful Moon and Venus dancing together preparing us for the eclipse.

Venus’ lover – Mars – changes to Leo  on Tuesday captivating Venus in Gemini love!

Under the eclipse grab a dream as this eclipse has Neptune smiling to the nodes!!! Look for new ways to connect with people important to you, to connect to your needs and find balance in your lives. You may ask questions to yourself: what areas of my life have been neglected?

Maybe because of the busy rhythm of life…

Well it is Time to catch up with our lives! Venus will move to Cancer on Thursday 4th and Mercury that has changed to Leo to give us colourful thoughts during the eclipse to tailor-made our dreams will stop retrograde on Monday 8th July and then go back to Cancer on 19th of July 2019

Mercury in Retrograde in Cancer

  • Special Promotion: AUD$25.00 for 30 min Guidance for July 2019 Eclipse Season & Mercury Retrograde message to you looking at the snapshot of your Birth chart – position of the planets when you were born.If you would like to upgrade your session AUD$25.00 more for a total of AUD$50.00I will let you know your NATAL MOON message for this month to take care of your own needs and send to you the personalise months of July and August for you to work with your own energies through the Moon in our sky travelling through the Zodiac.To organise an appointment by skype please send a message to stelliumlight@gmail.com with your name and your birth details(DayTimeand Place of Birth)Snapshot of your Birth chart is a tool based on your exact datetimeand place of birththat shows your uniqueness! It is a wheel showing astrological images imprinted in the sky at your birth. In this wheel there are 12 areas and I will be talking about an specific area that is highlighted by the Eclipse and Mercury in Retrograde this month of July 2019.

Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon and with Mercury in Retrograde in the Land of the Moon, we need to listen to our own needs. Make sure you take time to nurture yourself.

Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn is on 17 July 2019 at 7:38 am highlighting Saturn – reality is on call!!! To build the structure of our future because in Eclipse’s Season life changes!!!

Be patient, Drink a lot of water, eat healthy and find time
to listen your preferred music during July 2019 – a month of observation and to
GO GENTLE with yourself!!!

Have a lovely July 2019

Eclipse July 2019

“Be true to your heart. Put your whole heart and soul into
it and then whatever you do, it will shine through”. Jamie Brewer

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