Welcome September 2019

September started very earthy with Sun☀️ Moon? Mercury ☎️Venus? and ?Mars in Virgo ♍️Highlighting the need to work with our routines!

But in a different way as Uranus in Taurus ⚡️♉️is offering its support for the next two weeks. Also Jupiter in Sagittarius forms an exact challenge to Neptune? in Pisces♓️ and at the same time both (Neptune and Jupiter) talk to the bunch of personal planets Mars, Venus, Mercury plus the King Sun in Virgo highlighting the importance to align our dreams with our routines!!!! Believing in our ability to make them true.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn♑️ also support the Virgo♍️ Energy.
✔️Pluto tells us to explore the depths of our psyque and find ways to heal what is not right… and

✔️Saturn asks us to bring our ability to succeed in what we are dreaming BUT working for it!!! ARE YOU READY? Well the Universe is giving us this opportunity, there are two choices:

?Roll your sleeves up and get on with it, or

?Complain and criticize your situation following the dark side of Virgo.

Little by little the planets will move to Libra♎️ as the buds will blossom with the spring!!! By the way, the exact challenge between Neptune, the planet associated with our dreams, and Jupiter, the planet associated with our beliefs will occur within the Equinox of Libra? under the last quarter Moon in Gemini on 22nd of September and then the Sun ☀️moves to Libra in the afternoon of the 23rd marking the Libra Equinox starting the official Spring Season… if we work hard during the first 3 weeks of September we have good chance to see our dream come true!!! ?Have an awesome #September everyone!?

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