What an October 2016 we still can Build Creatively with Fantasy

What an October 2016 with 2 new Moons and today in a closing emotional cycle we still can Build Creatively with Fantasy!!! Our mind is synchronising with our dreams and our inspiration can get shape to consolidate something in any area we feel passion for.

When I was creating this photo for this post my son was telling me that the F of fantasy was not clear… and I thought… if I make it clearer I will lose the effect of fantasy… That is the message today: to build seriously something but keeping the magic where the idea came from… deeply from your passion.

The Moon changes to Scorpio at 1:00 pm adding emotional intensity to anything we will be doing today.

New Moon in Scorpio is tomorrow at 4:38 am and I will show an example in Over the Moon Moments Group – Stelliumlight tonight, of the New Moon Vision Board aligned with one of the areas of the birth chart following 2 requests from 2 different girls who asked me personalised guidance to create their Moon Boards early this week.

****The Sun and Moon will meet at 4:38 am NSW, VIC, & TASSIE. QLD (-1 hr) at 3:38 am SA & NT (-1/2 an hour) at 4:08 am hour and WA (- 3 hours) at 1:38am. Best time to make your vision time is within 8 hours following the New Moon according to the time above ******

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